//Papernote By Tigertown

Papernote By Tigertown

Sydney’s Tigertown are testament to the vibrant Australian music culture, as evidenced by Australian outfit Tigertown.

Interestingly enough, the outfit is a husband-wife duo, Chris and Charlie Collins, joined by the former’s brother Alexi and sister Elodie.

With such company, it’s no surprise that Tigertown released an impressive pop anthem that can easily win people’s attraction around the world. 

Papernote’ is that type of song that makes you want to run around in public singing loudly with your arms aloft, then surely that level of happiness is not a guilty pleasure.

So give it a listen and see if you share my evaluation!

An effervescent, high-energy synth-pop gem, ‘Papernote’ is puissant enough to melt your resistance like acid – don’t fight it.