//Chloe Foy: ‘Flaws’
Chloe Foy: ‘Flaws’

Chloe Foy: ‘Flaws’

Chloe Foy: ‘Flaws” keeps true to its title.

You can feel the raw emotion as the song begins with its deftly plucked guitar intro. It feels almost too intimate.

With its deftly plucked guitar intro, Chloe Foy‘s latest single, ‘Flaws‘ feels as if you are intruding on someone’s precious private moments.

A song that meanders dynamically in a way where you feel your eyebrows raise and your heart quicken.

Foy is blessed with a stunning falsetto that makes an intermittent appearance and helps make this song everything.

It’s sad, it’s delicate, it’s rousing and it’s completely and utterly devastating.