//Willow, oh Willow…Smith
Willow Smith

Willow, oh Willow…Smith

Aside from the eccentric statements about life and culture…

and of course the usual gossip that surrounds her every move, Willow Smith can actually sing!

If it seems I’m surprised, then yes I am.

But it’s with good intent.

It’s Hard To Emulate Star Daddy, Will Smith

Usually, when you grow up in the shadow of a dad who has done it all in the world of acting and music, your first desire as a child is to ‘be like Dad’ Whether it turns out to be a good move or not depends purely on time.

Some find out early enough that they were destined for another career after a series of failed attempts and make a quiet move into the safer forest.

But with Willow, I’m pleasantly surprised!

Willow Smith Coming Into Her Own…

Willow is an artist who’s in a creative category all by her own. While only 16, she’s proven to be pretty great at a number of things, like singing, dancing, playing the guitar, acting, modeling, archery (yes archery) and of course the ONE thing that every lady craves…a flair for hair style!

The thing that makes her more noticeable among a pack of a couple million other musicians is the capacity to write music. That’s not something a lot of singers do. But she does it well.

I really admire that although she has the option to use songwriters she mainly writes all her own music, and I instantly really liked this song, her vocals just seem so mature for her age.
It’s evident with this track right here…

Are you as impressed as I am now?